Eric Xiao

Learning and developing for the future.

Project Highlight (Hack the North 2021) - AirFlip

AirFlip uses gesture detection and speech recognition to flip online documents with ease. Users upload any PDF to be displayed on the platform, and they can tilt their head or say a specific keyword to flip the page in the direction they want.

Markov Chain Lyrics

A web application that uses Markov Chains to generate lyrics from any song artist on the Genius API database. Users can input any song artist, and a web-scraping algorithm plus a Markov Chain generated using object-oriented programming scrapes potential lyrics to be used.

JAMHacks V - DeviceXchange

DeviceXchange is a web platform that allows users to trade used electronics and devices, as well as learn about their eco-friendliness through a self-developed web-scraping algorithm that searches information about these devices on the Internet. This project won the Best Environmental/Social Good Hack at JAMHacks V.

TU20 Cup - Yougen

For an entrepreneurship competition called the TU20 Cup, our team developed an MVP for our business Yougen, which aims to pair students with local businesses to gain work/volunteer experience and mentorship while helping the businesses thrive through small projects. The prototype allows students to search and request for local businesses to work with, track their progress for current projects, and send reviews at the end of work terms.

Hack the North 2020++ - GoosDaR

GoosDaR is a platform that monitors geese in a real-time setting. An autonomous drone detects and takes images of flocks of geese outside and passes this data to our web application, which uses a map and gallery to display it.

Visionary - Harled Flight Mapping System

As a participant of Visionary's Fellowship program, I was paired with Harled Inc. to develop a real-time flight mapping web platform. Users can view flights on a global map and their routes, positions, and addiditional flight information over-time.


While working as the CTO at MyMotive, a student-run startup that aims to help youth with their social lives, I led the development of an MVP mobile app that helps users create private events and send RSVP invites to their friends.

MasseyHacks VI 2020 - CogniTalk

CogniTalk helps users prepare for interviews and improve their communication skills. Users can respond to randomly-generated interview questions, and the app will analyze their audio recordings and display metrics to help them improve. This project won second place at MasseyHacks VI.

OpenHacks 2020 - Littermap

Littermap allows users to take photos of littered areas and have them marked on a heatmap. The area's intensity on the map is determined by an ML model that assesses the amount of trash detected in the photo.


Learning about ML for the first time, I created an application that classifies fresh and rotten fruits. A trained PyTorch CNN model runs on a Flask backend server, and a Svelte.js UI uploads images to the server and outputs the results.

TOHacks 2020 - COV-Vision

COV-Vision is a web platform that helps doctors diagnose COVID-19 in their patients via machine learning and send diagnostic data to them in a streamlined way. This project got an honourable mention for the Google Cloud Prize.

WinHacks 2020 - COV-AID

COV-AID is a web application that uses blockchain to improve the process of receiving financial aid during the COVID-19 crisis. Our project won WinHacks' Most Innovative Hack against COVID-19 Award.

ETHDenver 2020 - TornadoCatch

TornadoCatch is a DApp that raises awareness for network-level privacy issues on Ethereum. It uses a server to obtain wifi and on-chain data and matches these activities to de-anonymize DApp users on

ETHWaterloo 2019 - Blocktalk

Blocktalk is a messaging web application that uses the IPFS protocol to encrypt user messages and store their hashes in a blockchain. Our project won Fortmatic's 250 CAD (190 DAI) prize.

Hack The North 2019 - Easymoji

Easymoji is a Tkinter app that uses the webcam to capture a picture of your face and find an emoji that best suits your facial expression.

JAMHacks 3 - OfflineAssist

At JAMHacks 3, our team of 4 created OfflineAssist, an offline Google-services provider, with the main service being Google Assistant. Our team won 2nd place.

Summer Project - Bibyou

Bibyou allows you to track the sources for all of your assignments and can help you automatically cite sources in MLA, APA, or Chicago 17th Edition. By a click of a button, you can also edit the sources yourself or copy the sources to your clipboard.